Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Maclay Gardens

With the possibility of Tropical Storm Beryl dumping a load of rain on us we left around 1000 to tour  Maclay Gardens.  Each time we visit Tallahassee we seem to run out of time!  Sonsearae and Chris picked us up around 1000 and we spent maybe two hours strolling the grounds.  I'm sure this place is gorgeous when the azaleas, camellias and other plants are blooming in the spring.  Even so, we managed to find plenty of interesting things to take pictures of.  All of the pictures have been posted on Facebook.

small lake
driftwood outside the house
reflecting pool

don't have a clue what this flower is but it sure was delicate looking

the only lily left blooming!
even had some Autumn color

there were several potted plants lending color to the gardens

After we left the garden Chris dropped us off at Starbucks for a refreshment while he ran and errand.  When he came back we sat outside a minute or two then headed home.  They dropped us off and we had lunch, did some chores and Jim took a nap.  We did get some rain from Beryl but nothing to write about!

Just before 1600 we packed up the dog and everything we needed for the evening and headed over to have dinner with Sonsearae and Chris.  Jim likes lasagna, as does Chris, so Sonsearae made a vegan lasagna that Chris already approved of.  Turned out to be very tasty!  Jim liked it and said he'd eat it again...Of course I've never been a fan of this dish so I'm not sure I'd make it.  We also had a salad and some lovely bread to go along with the meal.

After dinner Jim got his Father's Day present early.  A Sony Blu ray player and I'm proud to say he has it all hooked up!  Needless to say he's a happy camper...he loves electronics!

We left around 2000 so we could drive home before dark.  Even though it was still light out Jim complained about driving in the dark!  Both Chris and Sonsearae had to work today and I figured they'd like some alone time because Chris is going out of town for a couple days.  We caught up on emails, blogs and Facebook.  After showering we went to bed around 2200....

We'll be doing chores today.  I've stripped the bed and Jim just hooked up the Blu ray.  Later I'm fixing dinner for the three of us.
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