Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eating, Drinking and just enjoying the day

Yesterday we made plans to head out early to have breakfast at the Coffee Cup in the downtown area of Pensacola.  We had stopped here a long time ago and we remembered the grits as being wonderful.  We found it with no problem and settled in to enjoy breakfast.  Jim had eggs, bacon, grits and a biscuit washed down with coffee.  I had sliced tomatoes, grits and hash browns washed down with water.  I'm not sure how they prepare the grits (may not want to know all ingredients) but they sure a creamy and tasty and for me didn't require any added seasonings.

After breakfast we headed to the historic part of downtown.  Drove around and stopped at a park near the marina.  We were able to pick out the lighthouse way off in the distance but I couldn't get a decent picture.  We made a quick stop at Ever'Man Natural Foods store where I managed to pick up a couple items.

We left downtown then headed over to Pensacola Beach and Ft Pickens.  The drive out to the Fort is beautiful with much of the beach area part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and protected.

There isn't much left to the Fort and it didn't take long to see it.  I like the old brick and this fern apparently likes the mortar.  

Across the bay you can see the lighthouse...

There is camping at Ft. Pickens with electric and water.  Some is nestled in trees and some has cleared spaces.  At the end of the spit of land it's like being in the middle of nowhere.  None on the beach but it's just a short walk away

Driving back we decided we needed some lunch so we stopped at McGuire's Irish Pub.  If you've never been here it is a must!  The menu is varied, they have their own brewery plus other beers.  The ceiling and walls are covered with dollar bills.  The decorations are over the top and the wall of fame has many notables.  Jim had a wild raspberry beer while I chose the Irish Red Ale.  We both enjoyed our drinks. They brought out a small loaf of bread that was warm and drenched in honey.  Jim had a Shepherds  pie with carrots on the side and I got the corned beef and cabbage (half a head), two potatoes and a side of carrots.  Neither one of us could finish our meal.  

After we waddled out of there we stopped at the Pensacola Brewery to taste our way through their offerings.  We opted for nine samples, each four ounces and I must say we enjoyed all of them

After that we were ready to head home where Jim curled up on the bed while I chose to examine the inside of my eyelids on the lounger.  Being a tourist wears the body out!