Saturday, May 19, 2012


Yesterday we packed up and hit the dump station then pulled out around 10am....our drive wasn't a long one so we didn't need to hurry.  We took highway 190 to interstate 12 and headed east....again these interstates in Louisiana are awful.  Some road work going on but not fast enough!  I-10 was no better.  Once we got to Mississippi it smoothed out some.

Our plan was to stop at the welcome centers in each state and we hit the one in Mississippi just to breathe  a sigh of relief !  walked around a bit then planned on the stop in Alabama for was closed.  :-(

So we drove across Mobile Bay and stopped in a shopping center in Spanish Fort and had our Waldorf salad for lunch.  From here it was a short, easy drive to Pensacola Naval Air Station and the Oak Grove Park Campground.  

This is the street we're on and as you can see it looks like a typical Florida Campground.  Lot's of Oak trees, sand and patchy grass.  we're backed into a site with a lot of greenery out the back window.  Oh, this campground is near the Aviation Museum if you've ever been to that.

But we do have a beach!

And a light house

Once we set up and had our beer I got busy doing laundry.  Only did a couple loads last night because the bin was full.  We had leftover chili for dinner.  We're using the cable they have here for our tv.  The trees are blocking our signal.  They have internet but you have to pay for it so we're using our phones to connect 

Today has been a typical day after driving.  Jim washed the truck and I continued catching up on the laundry.