Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life is very relaxing here

sunrise the 24th

Other than our daily chores we haven't been doing much here.  We read and watch the pond!  Every few days we head into civilization to buy needed food and objects.  Most evenings we take a walk.

Our weather has been awesome!  high 70's to low 80's for daytime temperatures and we usually sleep with the windows open at night.  Because of the breezes from offshore we don't have to many issues with the humidity.

We did go to Galveston Island the other day and it was good to sit on the beach and enjoy our lunch while watching the waves come to shore.  There were only a couple of people around us so all we had to listen to were the gentle waves and the seagulls of course.  I found it odd that there were some pigeons among the gulls...

Not sure why, but Jim still gets up early most days...perhaps it has something to do with Boo.  Jim takes him out first thing and I think Boo is training him well!  They go for a brief walk and get a little exercise too.

We've been here a couple weeks and the baby ducks are getting big.  There is one persistent drake mating with a female and I swear he's going to drown her!  I'm sure there will be another clutch of eggs laid soon...The snowy egret is still hanging around and we've seen a tri-color heron too.  The Quaker parrots have been seen across the pond and flying overhead and finally the other day one was on the platform feeder!  I did get a couple pictures but they're still on the camera.