Friday, April 6, 2012

Touristy Morning

Jim and I were up shortly after 0700 this morning.  That's right I said Jim was up!  He got out of bed first and took Boo out for a walk.  During Breakfast I asked if he had any plans and he said no.  So I did some searching and found some old homes to look at downtown at the Cultural Center.  Unfortunately due to the Holiday weekend none of them were open to explore, but we strolled the grounds and took some pictures.

this one needs some TLC and did you notice the Dish on the roof?

USS Lexington

Afterwords we drove down to the waterfront and looked at all the boats, big and small

At the Marina there are several restaurants and we chose Landry's.  Jim had fried seafood that came with a salad, fries and onion rings.  I splurged and had seafood gumbo, we both washed our fine meal down with a cold beer.

The afternoon was spent napping, reading and walking. Did a load of laundry this morning and another one this afternoon.   I watched my soap then sat outside for about an hour leafing through magazines and enjoying the lower temperature and breeze.

The campground has more folks setting up for the weekend.  Even have a few tents set up near the beach.  It's fun watching them dealing with the wind!

We both like being near the water....