Monday, April 16, 2012

Kemah Boardwalk

sunrise last Thursday

I think that was the last time we had calm weather.  We've had winds that gusted up to 30 mph  until yesterday when they finally died down and thunderstorms moved in.  No matter we know rain is a good thing!

We knew the rain was coming and just after we went to bed last night a big clap of thunder got us all going!  Boo didn't like it at all....several times during the night he barked at the noise....

baby Mallards with mom here at the resort

Saturday we went to the crawfish festival at Kemah Boardwalk.  It was a fun afternoon wandering the boardwalk seeing the sights and people

wooden roller coaster as seen from the other side of the marina

landscaping is lovely

double decker carousel

one of two trains

Ferris Wheel

We've stayed in for the most part, the wind was really blowing yesterday.  Reading, playing games and watching movies.  I expect we'll be staying in today too.  It's raining again.....