Thursday, April 5, 2012

Leaving the valley

Bentsen Palm RV Resort sure is pretty this time of year!  All the bushes and plantings are in full bloom and the butterflies are thick.  To bad it's already getting hot.  The days are creeping into the 90's and even without high humidity it's way to warm for me

Last night we had one last dinner with Anne and Scotty.  We had Subway Sandwiches that Anne picked up after dropping items off at their storage unit.  We've all been busy getting our rigs ready for travel.  It was good to sit and relax and enjoy their company.

ready to go!
Not sure when we'll see all the friends we've made here as we don't plan on coming back to the valley for any extended stays.  Other than to visit and catch up with friends there's no reason to come here.  We've seen and done just about all you can.  Hopefully we'll see them as we travel and there's always the internet to keep in touch.

We managed to slow ourselves down enough this morning to keep our departure later than normal.  We couldn't check in at the base until after two so we figured if we left around ten we'd be good on time.  Our drive was uneventful, just the way we like it.  There was a slow down for an accident clean up.  Not sure what caused it but an 18 wheeler went off the road and tipped over.  No problem at the inspection station.  I guess we don't fit the profile.

Around noon we stopped and had some lunch, then back on the road to finish our journey.  We saw some wildflowers but nothing spectacular....and I saw a couple Cara Cara's...

Once we pulled onto the base, Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi we headed towards the marina where we checked in and got our site.  I don't think it took an hour and we were set up drinking a cold beer and watching the jack rabbits.  We've also seen some gulls and pelicans.
our view of Corpus Christi Bay

I have some pictures to post but we have awful wifi here but I'll keep trying!