Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wind and Rain

We've weathered the storms!   But not without incident....Monday night when we went to bed we discovered water had gotten in and the bedding was wet.  This had to have happened during the day because when I made the bed all was dry!  So we had to strip the bed and remake it.  Sheets went in the dryer and the comforter was draped over my computer stand and a quilt was draped over the kitchen counter. None of these items were WET but we couldn't sleep with them.

Yesterday when I got up I started the laundering process.  Fortunately the down comforter dried over night...don't need no wet feathers!  It felt like that's all I did all day!  I suppose I could have schlepped all of the stuff to the laundry down at the office but I like using my own washer and dryer.

Jim found the source of the water leak on the bedroom slide and took steps to dry it out.  We had to run out and get some sealant so we had lunch out too!

I had a couple books to mail so the post office was our first stop.  Then we headed to Lowe's for the sealant.  Next stop was Don Julio's for a Mexican lunch....not the best place...I think they used Velveeta for their cheese sauce.  The salsa was good, it had a bit of a kick!

Final stop was Walmart to pick up some groceries, a toilet seat and fuel!  With the card diesel was $3.84 not bad when you consider we've seen it higher in this area.  I think I've seen it as high as $4.10!

Back home I continued with the laundering and Jim installed the toilet seat....then he took a nap.

As we went for our evening stroll last night we got caught in a downpour!  We saw the dark clouds approaching from the northwest but it didn't look ominous...the rain that got us came from the east.  So we dashed home so we could get the windows closed and clean up the water once again...and guess what?  the fantastic fans did not close so the bed got wet again!

What's a little rain among friends?  We laughed a lot and cleaned it up....