Monday, March 26, 2012

Git er Done

If you've been wondering, Boo is doing sooooooo much better.  Of course the meds made him sleep more and the Vet said he'd be thirsty from them and he has been drinking a lot.  But his skin is clearing up and he doesn't spend all his time scratching.  I've not found any more fleas and I'm hoping there are no more in the house.  We will spray until we're sure all the eggs are dead!

The other day Anne, Pat and I went to check out the new Costco store in Pharr.  I've belong so we didn't all have to join.  We all found things to buy and split!  I also saw a store demonstration on the Vita-Mix.  I've been wanting one for a long time and the sale price was right up my only problem now is where to store it!  Never fear, I'll find a spot for it.

Yesterday Anne and Pat hosted a 'last here' party.  Everyone was invited for this last bash of the season and there were quite a few people who showed up.  Everyone brought food, chairs and drinks and just hung out.  'where ya headed?' 'are you coming back next season?'  were the questions most asked.  It's so nice to know we can keep in touch with everyone online with Facebook.

So many of our friends are already traveling and hopefully we'll see them 'down the road'.

Jim is getting chores done so we can pack up and leave.  This morning he had the passenger windows on the truck tinted.  I guess $45 is cheap enough for the comfort.  It would have been even better if we could have kept the darker tint and avoided the expense!

When he came home from that he started dismantling the patio.  First he removed all the furniture and then pressure washed the screens so we can put them away clean.  Then he pressure washed the patio mat...on Thursday the rig will be washed

almost time to leave, we gotta get er done!