Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quinta Mazatlan

Yesterday Jim and I went to a local attraction, Quinta Mazatlan,  It's eight acres of meandering paths with birds and local flora and fauna.  The House is made from adobe and you can tour it for a small fee (seniors $1).There wasn't a good spot to get a great picture of the house so this was my only shot.  It isn't huge, but with the courtyard it's quite roomy.

Inside there was beauty around every corner and I took 75 pictures but only posted a few here.  The rest on on my Facebook page.  I was really impressed with all the tile work.  Inside and out!

Of course there was some fantastic furniture pieces, this table is ornately carved and quite large
The tile work was beautiful.  Some quite big, others just a single tile
there were arches separating the spaces and all had these beautiful tiles
Cedar beams in this hall make it smell quite nice!
One of the lanterns outside
Strolling the pats that wind around the eight acres is easy and around each bend you come across feeding stations like this one.  How would you like to keep those feeders full?  Opposite this is stadium seating so you can sit and enjoy the birds and squirrels.
Also placed on the walkway are various bronze sculptures like this ocelot.

I can only imagine how lovely this place would be at different times of the year.  Not much was in bloom but I did see salvias and a potted planting of snapdragons. All of the local plants can be found in the gardens

They do rent out the grounds and building for various venues and it would be lovely to have a wedding and reception there.