Monday, February 20, 2012

Why do I eat cheese?

I know it will clog me up and prevent me from sleeping, yet I still eat it!

Yesterday I went shopping with Anne, even though I didn't need much of anything.  Our first stop was Dollar Tree where I managed to find seven things I didn't know I needed!  It is a great place to pick up Charro beans, both Jim and I like those.  And I love buying hand and body lotions for only a buck.

Next stop was Kohl's where we strolled the sales racks and looked at just about every piece of women's clothing in the store....I found five tops that I considered buying.  One was red and gorgeous and fifty bucks!  I did not come home with that one...But I did find three t-shirts I did bring home.  At less than twenty five dollars.  Alas I did not spend enough to earn any Kohl bucks, should have bought that red blouse!

By this time I was starving and even Anne was ready to eat.  We still needed to stop at HEB.  So we decided on Chili's because they have 'fast service'.  Hah!  Apparently not on Sunday.  We got our drink order quickly, but then we waited for the waitress to come back to take our food order and we waited and waited.  Finally!  We ended up ordering nachos (cheese!) and even that simple order took some time.

Next time you're in Chili's look at everything on the menu.  If you're trying to stay away from meat and cheese there isn't a lot to choose from!  I should have ordered a salad but even those come with meat and cheese and I'm sure it would have taken longer to get a special order.

Don't get me wrong, the nachos were good, but meat, cheese and sour cream are not good for me!

Of course we know better than to go to HEB on Sunday but we both needed a few things....well more than a few it turned out.  So we filled our baskets and found a check out lane that wasn't to busy.  We arrived back home just before 1700.

Boo was happy to see me, it was past his dinner time!

Spent the evening watching a Star Trek movie on Fox.  Not a bad way to end the day