Saturday, February 18, 2012


Jim had a birthday on the 15th and our friend Pat had hers on the 13th.  So we've been celebrating for at least a week!  Of course we really don't need a reason to party but when a birthday comes along we have a good time.

Last Monday we all gathered at Diana and John's for happy hour to celebrate these two birthdays.  I'm not sure how many folks showed up but there was enough food to feed the whole resort!  Various meats including ribs, wings and something wrapped in ham.  Also cheesy casseroles.  Two desserts of German Chocolate cake and an Ice Cream cake.   It's a good thing I wasn't hungry as there wasn't a lot there that this wanna be vegan could eat.  But we all had fun chatting until the sun went down and it started to cool off.

On Wednesday  Anne invited us over for dinner and she fixed meatloaf, mashed potatoes, Brussel sprouts and peas.  I brought a salad and a bottle of wine.  After dinner we all enjoyed some red velvet cake and sang Happy Birthday to Jim

Yesterday twenty of us headed to Pappadeaux Seafood Restaurant for the public celebration of these birthdays!  What fun that the restaurant was all decked out for Mardi Gras!  They handed out beads to everyone and the birthday couple had balloons tied to their chairs and got special beads, free dessert too!

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful all that seafood smelled!  But I was good and had onion rings and a Greek salad with no cheese.  Until they passed the dessert tray!  I had a Creme Brule that was very, very good!

After the party broke up Jim and I headed to the outlet mall because he wanted to look for a new pair of New Balance shoes.   Well we had a leisurely stroll around the outdoor mall only to discover the store is no longer there.  So we headed home.  

Weather-wise it was a nasty afternoon.  We drove through fog and rain.

Our neighbors have feeders on the tree out back and it's fun watching all the birds that come to dine.  We mostly have red winged blackbirds and sparrows.  Occasionally we have green jays and kiskadees.

This red shouldered hawk keeps an eye on all of them and once in awhile has dinner!