Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Update on Boo

We all slept better last night!  

The vet checked Boo over and suggested a few things.  We got one dose of Comfortis, an oral flea and tick medication, hopefully that will kick their little behinds!  Some Temaril to stop the itch cycle and clear up any 'hot spots'.  Both of these Boo ate with his dinner last night.  The vet said the statins in the Temaril would probably make him thirsty and cause him to drink more.  I think we can handle that for a week or so.

Also brought home some medicated shampoo, Pyoben,  that I'm hoping the groomer will use today.  ecoCARE Mobile Grooming uses earth friendly products and may not like this.  She may have something more animal friendly.  

On this first day of Spring we have a cold front coming through....  No matter the cool breeze is lovely to me.  As I type this the sun is still hiding...