Monday, March 19, 2012

Jim's last shift

Today is the first day of Jim's last 5 days of work camping.  .While it's been nice not having to pay for our site and electricity these past few months I'll be glad to see the end of this.  He deserves to enjoy his retirement;

I don't really mind him being busy, but he shouldn't have to do it!

We sure have had some gloomy mornings lately.  With the sun coming up later and overcast skies it sure doesn't make you feel like jumping up and doing anything.  Right now I'm waiting on the laundry both dryer and washer are running

Later I'm taking Boo to the vet.  For the last month or so we've been battling fleas and perhaps an allergic reaction to them.  The poor thing spends a lot of time scratching and licking.  He sleeps with us so we are suffering too from lack of sleep.  This is the second time in the last year we've had to go through this.

We've sprayed and vacuumed the house, of course Boo takes flea medicine, I've bathed him and he gets combed twice daily!  The medication is supposed to kill fleas and eggs but I've combed fleas off of him...

Jim has been slowly getting jobs done for hitting the road.  Lately he's been working on our bike rack.  Still need to tint the passenger windows since they removed the 'dark' tinting when the truck was inspected.  I guess the Texas police don't like dark, dark tint!  :-)