Sunday, October 19, 2014


We started the day with a lovely sunrise and as you can see there are some clouds...well, within twenty minutes of taking this picture the sky was covered in grey clouds

I thought it would be a good day to make some sour dough bread.  I was up at 0600 and got the dough mixed and rising before I had my coffee.  By 0800 the dough was shaped and rising again and by 0900 it was in the oven.  Helped warm the house and it sure smelled great.  Do you bake breads?

We had one little rain shower around 0900 but it's been dry since then.  When it rains it makes me colder..

It's in the mid 40's outside and still no sun at noon.  I made some noodle soup for our lunch and I guess a warm belly equals a nap!  Jim stretched out on the bed and I flopped down on the lounger.  

The Saints game isn't being shown on our channels and the lineup of other games just didn't interest me.  So I've been blogging and reading.

We headed to Rutland so Jim could walk the mall.  It's to cold outside for him to walk.  Need to get the man south!  After the mall we went to the grocery store for a couple items.  The drive there and back was under cloudy skies but the mountains were still covered with colorful trees.  If we keep getting rain the leaves will fall from the trees quicker....then it will be really dismal here.  

Normally we wouldn't stay this far north this time of year.  Both of us are from the mid west and we do not like winter.  It's why we live in the south so we can enjoy warmer weather.  Just a few more days and we'll be on the road!

Dinner was left overs and they were mighty tasty.  The New Orleans Saints lost....again!