Thursday, October 30, 2014

Richmond Virginia

Tuesday we headed for Richmond.  So far our weather has been very good for traveling.  The further south we traveled the less Autumn color we saw.  More pine trees kept popping up which made a nice contrast

As you can see there is some beautiful foliage 

Keep in mind these pictures were taken through a windshield

We stopped over night at this itty, bitty 6 site campground on a military installation outside of of Richmond.

water and electric only but we only stayed one night.  There was another rig there, former Navy seal and seemed grateful to have company.  He stopped to chat and kept talking and talking!  Two friendly dogs were with him an Italian Greyhound and a chi-Jack Russell mix.

We were able to get diesel fuel for $3.39...the cheapest we've seen this trip.  We had dinner at Chili's.