Monday, October 20, 2014

Busy Day!

Once again our sunrise was very pretty!

Sure was cold outside at 33 degrees so I didn't take very many pictures.  The bird bath had a layer of ice and I could see some frost on the grass and weeds.

For breakfast I made oatmeal with an apple and some cinnamon.  I knew we'd both be outside packing things up.  Because we've had so much rain and today is dry, we're going to try to move the rig tomorrow.  We've been told by Scotty that traction could be an issue and more rain is expected tomorrow and Wednesday.  Backing uphill might be a problem!

I'm sure it's because cold, wet weather has plagued us the last couple of days that the flies are coming in for the warmth.  All I know is they're annoying! Death to them all!

Everyone was busy today packing and cleaning and stowing. Dinner was waffles...not exciting but tasty and filling.

We're all looking forward to leaving on Thursday!