Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rainy day

I awoke this morning to the sound of rain gently falling.  I never get tired of hearing the rain on the roof.  About the only time we heard rain when we lived in a sticks and bricks house was when it was coming down in buckets during a tropical storm or hurricane.

So it's been an indoor day today.  I did laundry, stripped the bed and remade it with the new heated mattress pad.  We've got some tweaking with the cords to figure out but we can both use the our controls for now.  The forecast low for tonight is 40 so we'll be able to test it.  Tomorrow night's forecast low is 29....Yikes!

Jim found a few chores to do and then he started making calls to book us a site.   Campgrounds this time of year are closed in most locations.  The season is over for the most part.  Once we get further south it shouldn't be a problem.

Our first choice (140 miles or so) was booked so he had to extend the search and he found one about 170 miles away.  We didn't want to travel very far because he hasn't driven for the past month and I'm sure it will tire him.  Just staying one night unless Jim needs to rest longer.  All four of us need to be elsewhere.  Jim has a 'date' on November 5th with his doctor and the Scott's are work camping at Bentsen Palm in Mission, Texas.

It has rained most of the day, we even had a thunderstorm roll through.  Don't think we've had one since we arrived the end of July.  Boo didn't like it!  The thunder caused him to bark which startled us.

We have plans to dine at the Fair Haven Inn tonight.  Four couples so it should be a good time, we already know the food is good.

The rain finally ended, even had the sun peek put briefly.  It was still cold and wet and neither one of us like that.

We left for dinner about a quarter after five with Scotty driving.  The other two couples were there, Steve and Dee Dee and Kathy and Roger.  Long time friends of Anne and Scotty.  We met them over the summer and they're fun people.  Stories were told and laughs were shared.

I ordered a Greek Salad with my beer and Jim had a veal pasta dish and white wine.  Of course he had to order a dessert of Bailey's Irish cheesecake which I must admit was very tasty!