Saturday, October 25, 2014

Relaxing, sort of

We both lingered over coffee and breakfast. It was so nice not having to hurry and get on the road. But we eventually did get dressed and busy.

Laundry was started, dishes were done.  Then we headed to the Exchange and Commissary.  Made our purchases came home and I put them away.

Time for lunch!  I fixed us a plate of potatoes with onions and bell peppers with a side of Lima beans and after lunch we got busy.  After I pulled the hose and heavy duty extension cord out of the bed of the truck I did the dishes while Jim cleaned the cord and washed mud off of a lot of little things.

Then we had to put the cord back in the bag in the truck bed....boy that was fun!  I manged to get my shirt and jeans dirty. I decided to sit outside while Jim putzed and we discovered a puddle under a tire on the rig...a shock was broken and just hanging there.  he removed it and we'll need to replace it along with one on the other side too.  I'm thinking that crappy, rutty road in Philadelphia took it's toll on our shocks!

We sat outside for a little while.  The temperature was in the upper 60's and would have been perfect except for the cool breeze.  Doing nothing but reading and relaxing was nice. Jim did some small jobs.  He cleaned the dish and put it out further behind our site and viola!  we have TV.  

Jim may have overdone it today...he took a nap before dinner.  I think it's hard for him to remember the nothing over 10 pounds rule...

We've had dinner and the boob tube is entertaining us.  Not sure what's on tap for tomorrow but I think some Maryland crab cakes are in my future.