Sunday, February 2, 2014

I'm tired of rain...

Jim worked  two and half days this week and it was cold and rainy.  I think I can safely say I've had enough rain!

Today started out gloomy and I checked the weather for several locations and rain was everywhere, so I resolved myself to another day stuck in the house. Did some laundry and the dishes.  Ho-Hum....

Barb and Keith left today.  They were one of the work camper couples and we'll miss them.  They left mid morning and headed north!  I sure hope their travels are safe and warm.

After lunch I decided I needed to get out of the house. Our first stop was buying fuel where we paid $3.82 for diesel.  What does it cost in your area?

I really didn't need anything but we headed to Deland and the Deland Bakery and Natural Market.  I remember one time trying to find it and giving up.  Then the next couple of times we passed it and made a mental note to return.

The next time we was closed!  But today it was open and it was nice seeing what they offer and there are items I can get there instead of driving to St Augustine or Jacksonville.

We stopped at Wendy's so Jim could have some lunch. I indulged in some fries.  Our next stop was Walmart, where we drove into the parking lot, then out, it was packed!

We were home by 1630 and Boo was happy to see us.  Fed him and made my coffee and we settled in for the evening.

Yesterday started out foggy, misty, rainy and we decided to go to Jacksonville.  Kathy and John joined us and I'm happy to say that by the time we got to Jacksonville the weather was looking up!  We started to see some blue skies and the sun peeking out here and there.

We stopped at Fresh Market because they we're having a free tasting and of course I bought some groceries and wine!  By the time we got out of there, more blue skies and it was warming up quite nicely.

Our next stop was the St John's Town Center for a late lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen and some window shopping.  I'm here to tell you that by this time it was downright pleasant outside.  This shopping complex is quite large and even though it was Saturday it wasn't crawling with people and we had a good time sauntering about, popping in and out of the stores.

I was after 1700 when we decided to head home with one more stop at Starbucks for coffee.

We drove south on I-95 and watched the sun setting and it was quite pretty because there were some lingering clouds. We managed to pull in around 1840 and called it a night.  

I fed Boo,put away our groceries and then I showered.

Today we woke to fog, mist and gloomy skies.....sigh....

So we went to Walmart (that's twice in one week!) to get some jeans for Jim and a few other items.  Stopped at Dunkin' Donuts to use a gift certificate and feed Jim some breakfast.  We both had coffee and Jim got one of their sandwiches with sausage and egg.  Of course I had to have a donut!

The drive to and from Palatka we saw a lot of fog and the St John's river wasn't to be seen in either direction. Once we crossed the river on the return trip there was less fog.

Once home the day just kept getting better and better with the sun coming out in full force.  Sat outside for our afternoon coffee and watched the birds at the feeders.

Now it's time to settle in for the Super Bowl...which team are you picking to win?  We're going with the Bronco's, it should be a good game!

41 days

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