Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekend of Fun

What did you do Valentines Day?  I hope you spent time with the one you love.  We were expecting Sonsearae and Chris for the weekend and decided on a spaghetti dinner at home.  Along with a glass of wine we had a quiet dinner.

Shortly after dinner I rushed to get the dishes done as they were arriving any minute!  As soon as I got that chore done we headed for the cabin they had rented and made ourselves at home....I'm not sure, but I think Chris thought he was in the wrong place!  Sonsearae had sent a King Cake from Gambino's Bakery in New Orleans and we all enjoyed some dessert.  After sending a text, Kathy and John joined us to eat this treat also.

We didn't stay long because both had worked and it was a long day and they looked tired.  Besides, we had an adventure to go on tomorrow!

Saturday the six of us piled into two trucks and headed to Carrabba's in St Augustine to have a wonderful lunch before embarking on the adventure.  So much good food that we all took some home.  Why do restaurants serve such large portions?  We had such a good time talking that we almost forgot the time!  We had to hustle to make it to the Alligator Farm so Jim and Sonsearae could do the zip line obstacle course!

This was Sonsearae and Chris' birthday gift to Jim.  Perfect way to celebrate his 71st birthday!  While they were gearing up and getting instructions (and signing their lives away!) the rest of us entered the park and started wandering around looking at the exhibits.

The whole course is above the ponds and exhibits of gators and crocs!  Not sure who came up with this idea but I'm sure it brought some life back into the Alligator Farm along with a boost of revenue.  

Most of the older gators look fat and happy and I'm sure if someone fell in they'd probably meander away annoyed at the intrusion!

This poor fella didn't even have teeth!  He'd have to whip you to death with his tail.  :-)

There were several varieties of crocodiles and they were in small enclosures, most by themselves.

Here they are getting ready to the first zip...Jim has done this before but it's a first for Sonsearae!

After this adventure we four did some shopping at Target and then headed home. I can't remember the last time I was in a Target!  Kathy and John headed off on their own.

Saturday evening we had tacos at the cabin with all six of us contributing to the dinner.  It was a good way to end the day.

Sunday my dear birthday boy was a wee bit sore!  I put together a pan of French toast and baked it.  Sonsearae came by for a cup of coffee.  Then the three of us headed back to the cabin for breakfast.  I had told Chris I would make it for him.

They lingered awhile longer then they had to get on the road for the drive back to Lake City via Jacksonville for a stop at Whole Foods Market.

The rest of Sunday we just chilled.  Jim was a bit achy and wasn't up for much.  Where's a good football game when you need it??