Friday, January 31, 2014


This lovely flower is more than pretty...It has a balancing, calming effect and can be used many ways in our daily life.

I use it in a spray bottle, about 10 drops of oil and 2 oz of water.  Air freshener or choose! The scent alone will calm you.

You can also use it to help you sleep.  A couple drops on your pillow will relax you and assure you of a good nights sleep.  It eases stress and depression, just place a couple drops in your tea or water.

Did you know that Lavender can heal cuts?  Next time you have a cut or bug bite apply a drop or two of oil and see how quickly it heals.  You'll also smell good too!  

Diffusing it makes your home smell wonderful!  I like to use it in the afternoon.  Of course if used in the evening before bedtime it should bring you a sense of well being.

If you need  Lavender Oil or a diffuser just let me know.