Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Zoya, Art of Beauty

Do you polish your nails?  Now I'm sure the male readers of this blog don't but do you ladies give yourselves manicures and pedicures?

One of the things I stopped doing when my eyes got cloudy was doing my nails...I made a mess of it most of the time and it frustrated me.  So along with reading long periods of time and working on the computer I just stopped.

Well I can see again and I love doing my nails!  First I did my toes but I'll spare you a picture of that.  For the most part I use Zoya because it's vegan.  It doesn't have formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor or dibutyl phthalate, what they call the Big 5.  Since it doesn't smell it isn't necessary to wait until Jim is out of the house to use it.

Isn't that pretty?

OK, done with that on with the rest of this update.

Last Friday the weather was perfect for outdoor work and Jim was on the roof pressure washing it.  One bad thing about living in a humid area is the upkeep on the rig.  It gets nasty and looks really bad.  It was so nice that he ended up washing the whole rig!

Meanwhile inside I stripped the bed.  While doing that I was started by a lizard!  This anole was just hanging around near the ceiling watching everything that was going on.  I tried to catch him but he was to fast and he ducked under the bed somewhere.  I did keep looking for him all day and spotted him once or twice but no luck in capturing him.  I think this is the third one we've had indoors, who knows how many have wandered in and are lurking about?

I am happy to report that after my evening shower we discovered this five inch lizard in the top of the shower door.  Jim was able to capture it and toss it outside.  Good thing, because I can't imagine trying to sleep knowing this little dragon was in the bedroom just waiting to pounce on us while we sleep!

124 days

  • 10,713,600 seconds
  • 178,560 minutes
  • 2976 hours
  • 124 days
  • 17 weeks (rounded down)
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