Sunday, November 17, 2013

This week in Welaka

Monday was Veteran's Day and we didn't do much of anything...just stayed home and enjoyed each other's company.  Jim was still battling his mouth infection.  We watched an episode of Inspector Morse on Netflix

Tuesday started started off with fog and at 0630 the temperature was 68.  We had a list of items that we know are cheaper at Walmart so we made a run to pick them up.  We also made a stop at Dollar Tree and Publix.  Wonderful weather day and we sat outside with our afternoon coffee

Wednesday Jim had to work.  During the night a cold front started coming through and our temperature never got above 60....I had the fireplace on all day.  We also had repairmen show up at the same time to fix two different problems!  The wash machine was not agitating properly and about a week prior I discovered oil on the floor.  Apparently it needs a new transmission.  Good news, it's still under warranty and the fix will be free.  The washer still works so I'm continuing to use it.  It will get repaired the day before Thanksgiving

The other repairman was for our electric hot water heater.  It stopped working again.  This repair cost us but at least now we have hot water using the electric heater.  The wires behind the unit was the culprit.  Once he replaced those everything worked just fine!

Thursday Jim had to work and I did laundry.  It was a crisp fall day that started out at 47 degrees.

Friday started out rainy and chilly...around 0930 we made the decision to go out!  Why stay home a grumble about the weather?  We headed to Jacksonville around 1030 in the drizzly rain.  Once we arrived at St John's Town Center it was time for lunch and we stopped in at BJ's Brewhouse.  First time since we left the RGV.

Had a lovely lunch with a couple of brews.  Jim had tacos, either fish or shrimp, can't remember and I had soup and salad.

Our first stop was a mistake!  We both like the REI store and I found a few things that came home with us.  A jacket, finger-less gloves, a hooded sweat shirt and a Fitbit for me.  Jim didn't buy anything!

One of the reasons for this particular shopping center was to take my iPad to the Apple store.  For some time I've not unplugged my iPad for fear I'd never get it recharged again.  The original cord had stopped working and I was using the iPod cord which didn't fit properly. We were even looking into replacing the need to!  All it needed was a new cord.  Cheap fix...

We stopped in at Starbucks and took advantage of the BOGO they had going on.  Jim got a peppermint mocha coffee and I tried the caramel creme brule frappachino.  My coffee was a creamy sweet treat that is good maybe once in a lifetime!  

We wandered through Williams Sonoma mostly because I love the store but also because there was a wonderful aroma wafting out of the doors.  They had turkey and stuffing to sample and it was yummy!  We could have had our lunch there.

No rainy day would be complete without stopping in at Barnes and Nobles so we spent an hour or so there before heading home.  Boo was mighty glad to see us!  It was past his dinner time...

Saturday Jim worked outside most of the morning doing various chores he had.  You know, there's always a list of little jobs 'you'll get to'.  This was that day.

After lunch he took a much deserved nap.  Boo is keeping us awake nights with scratching.  I wish we could figure out what it is that causes it.  I'm sure it's allergies but just like humans it costs to test.  During the afternoon a light rain started falling and it continued on through the evening and night.

It's now Sunday morning and it's still overcast but no rain.  And it is a lot warmer.  I think our high today will be in the low 80's.  Jim will be working but should be home in time for the Saint's Football game later this afternoon.

There you have it, the week in review!

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