Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fort Matanzas

Our destination Saturday was Ft Matanzas but we had to make some stops along the way.  The day was lovely and during the course of the afternoon I heard many people express this many times.

After breakfast and doing the morning chores we dressed and headed to St Augustine.  Our first stop was Bed, Bath and Beyond.  For Veterans they had 20 percent off your entire purchase so we decided to see what they had that we couldn't live without.  I found some serving pieces to go with our new silverware (more on that in another post) and we found a rug that fit the front door entry...have to laugh, we don't have a back door!

Next I dashed into Michael's right next door for some crafting supplies and Horehound drops for Jim.  I picked some up last time we were here and he likes them...

Next we headed to Verizon to see if the screen protectors for Jim's phone were in stock....they were. 

Whew all this shopping makes you hungry! Across the street was a Carrabba's so we popped in for a wonderful lunch.  Jim had Sangria and I had Chianti to drink with the delicious bread and olive oil they supply you with while waiting for our meal.  Jim ordered a shrimp Alfredo dish and I had linguine with tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes and garlic.  I brought a lot home and they gave me another loaf of bread to eat with it!

Then it was off to Diane's Natural Market for some coffee creamer.  I'm not sure why, but they always give me a hard time with coupons!

Now that the shopping is out of the way we headed for the coast.  Driving south on A1A is always enjoyable and before long we were pulling into Ft Matanzas National Monument By the way, there is no charge to enter

After a short, free ferry ride we disembarked to tour this well preserved fort. I think this is the smallest fort I've ever seen.  It's 50 feet on either side with a 30 foot tower.  Only seven men were assigned here.  One officer, four infantrymen and two gunners.  The brochure say up to 50 men could be here during a crisis...I think it would be standing room only!

I have to admit the view from all four sides would keep me entertained.

After the tour we headed across the street to the beach.  there was a northeast wind blowing and the waves were pretty

Continuing down A1A we stopped in at this gallery because of this guy out front.  He is a huge driftwood sculpture

Head here to see more  pictures of sculptures Of course not all of them are at this gallery.  But if we had a yard I'd be tempted to buy one.

After drooling over the artworks inside and outside we hopped back into the truck, heading south and stopped in at Washington Gardens State Park.  No camping here but it's great for gatherings and picnics. Great park on both sides of the highway. Access to the intracoastal waterway on the west for fishing and the Atlantic for the ocean

By now we're about done for the day so we headed further south on A1A to Flagler Beach where it looked like something was and people everywhere!  We just kept driving heading west and going home.

Sunday Jim woke up with an infection in his mouth.  It really looked like someone punched him and it would have been comical except he was in pain also. Still he went to work and I planned mushy foods for him to eat.

The Saints played the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football and we watched until they pulled Drew Brees from the game.  We looked and looked but couldn't see Sonsearae and Chris in the crowd!  They went over to New Orleans for the weekend to see the game and to have fun with friends who happen to be Cowboy fans.

122 days

  • 10,540,800 seconds
  • 175,680 minutes
  • 2928 hours
  • 122 days
  • 17 weeks (rounded down)
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