Friday, November 22, 2013

Just catching up

Sunday turned out to be an overcast, rainy day.  Couldn't think of anything better to do while Jim was at work so I defrosted the freezer.  Not the most exciting thing to do but necessary.  Jim was cleaning today so he was home for lunch and then a nap.

About this time the clouds were clearing and it was a sultry 83 degrees by 1400.

Of course we watched the New Orleans Saints squeeze in a win, 23-20 over the 49er's...that was a nail biter!

Monday Jim worked and I did laundry...and what's up with me and Facebook?  I can't get my laptop or iPad to load the page.  Jim can't either and another two folks here can't either.  It has to be their problem as we can get other websites to open and display properly.

I finished my crochet scarf...I really like the colors on this.  The pattern is a simple shell stitch

There are details on the Crochet page if you're interested in the size and price.

Tuesday started out cool but it wasn't to cold to sit out at Corky Bell's and enjoy a seafood lunch with ice cold beer!   Jim had fried shrimp with cheese grits and a baked potato while I had grilled flounder and shrimp with green beans and slaw.  If you recall, they serve two for one beer and we did...On the way home we stopped at Dollar General and Family Dollar and bought something in each store.  Once we got home Jim needed a nap and I actually snoozed for a bit on the recliner.

TV wise, Tuesday is NCIS night so that's how we ended the day.

Wednesday Jim emptied the black tank and I did laundry.  I think I stripped the hard to remember all this exciting stuff!  Mid morning it started to rain and continued for the rest of the day.  We started watching the Count of Monte Cristo with Gerard Depardieu on Netflix.  It's a mini series and it was in French...We watched two episodes and then we watched Inspector Morse.

Just before we went to bed we discovered the upstairs air conditioner doesn't work.  Geeze, another repair to take care of.  It's the same problem we had last September and we're pretty sure we're going to have to replace the compressor

Thursday it rained all day....just a steady, gentle rain mixed with misty rain.  We've been having trouble with our kitchen faucet, it won't stop the water flow without a lot of hassle.  So after lunch we headed to Home Depot because I had a $5 off $50 coupon.  Found a faucet we both liked and bought it along with an Amaryllis bulb and a couple clamps. Didn't use the coupon but did get a 10 percent Military discount.

We finished watching the Count of Monte Cristo and we both agreed it was excellent!  We then had dinner and showered in time to watch the Saints!  Another Squeaker!!!!  17-13 was the final score.  We stayed up past our bedtime just to make sure they won against the Atlanta Falcons.  This is a division rivalry and always makes for an intense game.

Jim is working this rainy Friday.  We got some news we've been expecting.  Kathy and John should be here in two weeks.  John is Jim's younger brother.  This will be their first 'snowbird' season.  Hopefully they'll enjoy  visiting with us and perhaps we can teach them something about our way of life.  First lesson!  Live by the number 2....stop driving by 2 pm or 200 hundred miles whichever comes first!   Remember, it's the journey not the destination...

113 days

  • 9,779,565 seconds
  • 162,992 minutes (rounded down)
  • 2716 hours (rounded down)
  • 113 days (rounded down)
  • 16 weeks (rounded down)

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