Thursday, November 7, 2013

Back to the Normal Routine

Why is it, when you've eaten a good meal, that the next day you 'suffer' from it?  Thursday was a ho-hum day just hanging around the house not doing much.  We weren't sick, just lethargic.

Our chores were done, Jim took off and ran errands like filling the propane tank and picking up the parts to repair the toilet. He also dropped off the old batteries to be recycled.

The rest of the day was quiet...just us on our computers and we didn't go to the pot luck.

Friday I made a grocery run and Jim fixed the toilet.  I bought a loaf of Tuscan bread and decided potato soup would go well with it!  Brought a pizza home for lunch.

Saturday we had plans to head to the Pioneer Settlement south of here but it rained most of the day, thus we stayed in just amusing ourselves on the computer.

The rain ended and brought cooler temperatures.  This time of year can be challenging because I get to make the bed several times a day it seems.  Quilts off, comforter on, comforter off, quilts on...We do enjoy sleeping under the comforter when the temperature drops below 55 degrees.  Sometimes we have to run the AC when we first go to bed to keep from roasting under the covers!

We managed to slip out of daylight savings time just fine...I think Boo had an issue with it.  Loosing an hour of sleep is no big deal when you can sleep in!

Sunday Jim worked but was home by lunchtime.  We were able to watch the Saints game.  What an awful game!  Apparently Boo doesn't like it when we watch football, he spends most of the time hiding in the bedroom...I guess I make to much noise :-)

We had spring rolls during the game so I wasn't hungry for dinner.  We just had 'skip it's' as my friend Anne says.

129 days

  • 11,145,600 seconds
  • 185,760 minutes
  • 3096 hours
  • 129 days
  • 18 weeks (rounded down)

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