Sunday, May 29, 2016

Up Early

This was how my day started.  A layer of fog in the valley

Sometimes I resent waking so early...there's no need for me to get up to see the sunrise.  But now and then I really find joy in what I see

Our Boo is enjoying the sun

Same view, just zoomed in a bit.  It's hard to tell but the sun is peeking over that ridge

We went to some yard sales yesterday and this Iris was blooming out front of one of the stores.  Just gorgeous!

Today was a do nothing day for me...Other than laundry, dishes and cooking.  I didn't go for a walk or exert myself in anything.  Jim managed a long walk, then showered and watched movies all afternoon.  

We had dinner with the Scott's but we didn't see much of them today.  They ran around picking up lumber and items they bought at the yard sales.

Some rain has moved in but I don't mind.  Cools it off nicely for sleeping 

All is right in our world