Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Terry and Mark

It has been raining all day!  

Started around 0730 and has rained or sprinkled all day and it's still raining.  We've been entertaining ourselves reading and playing games.  I didn't go outside at all and Jim only went out to refill my laundry detergent bottle.  He had planned on checking the pressure in the tires for our trip tomorrow.....nothing happened to get ready for our next move.

I spent the day doing laundry and cooking.  I made a loaf of cinnamon brown sugar bread and a pot of Black Bean and Salsa soup.  Both helped keep us warm as I don't think the temperature rose above 60 all day.

Saturday Jim finally felt well enough to clean the bugs off the front of the rig from our trip here.  Then slept the afternoon away as he wasn't in top form.  They say it takes long to recover from illness when your older and I'm here to tell you.....it does!  Even though I've been over the symptoms I look forward to going to bed each night.  Jim is just now getting over the symptoms.  And he'll be doing outside prep in the drizzly rain tomorrow morning.

Sunday we were ready to venture out for groceries and decided lunch out would be nice.  We chose Carrabbas and had a lovely Italian meal.  Since it was in a mall parking lot we decided to walk the mall because we haven't gotten any exercise since these colds brought us so low.  We only walked once around and we barely got 5000 steps for the day...

Then we headed for groceries and it was one of those super Kroger's, you know the ones with clothing and household goods.  I managed to find the few items I needed but having never been in this store before it was dash here and return there before we got everything.  We were bushed when we left and Jim napped when we got home and I collapsed on the lounger and checked my eyelids for light leaks.

We rested that evening because we Monday we were driving to Spotsylvania to meet up with friends we haven't seen in four years!

Monday was a beautiful, sunny day and our drive was just over an hour to Spotsylvania.  Terry and Mark are staying in Quantico and we figured this was about halfway for both of us.  This city is the county seat and has a lot of beautiful brick,  official looking buildings.  It's Virginia after all....the buildings look fabulous.

We arrived first at the Courthouse Cafe, a quaint diner next to the courthouse!  Within 10-15 minutes Terry and Mark arrived!  How nice to see their smiling faces and after hugs we sat down and eventually ordered some drink and food.  The three of them had breakfast (it's served all day) and I ordered green beans, mashed potatoes and pickled beets.  We had a wonderful time chatting and catching up.

I hope we get to meet up again and sooner than four years 

Tomorrow we're on the road to Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland.  We don't like traveling in rainy weather but we've got reservations.

All is right in our world!