Sunday, May 22, 2016

Change of plans

I'd rather be at the beach...

It was raining when Jim got up this morning and after he had breakfast he decided that we were not going anywhere.  It's really a pain and it gets messy when you pack up in the rain.  AND he's still trying to recover from his cold.  

So even though we couldn't get a hold of anyone in the office on Friday or by dropping by on Saturday to extend our stay we sit.  

After a morning of rain it started to clear up and by mid afternoon it was dry enough for me to go for a walk.  I managed to get over a mile in.  Sure was chilly though with the wind coming out of the north.

It started raining again a couple hours after I returned.  

At this point I don't know when we're leaving Aberdeen.  In the morning we'll check the weather and if necessary see if we can stay longer.  If we have to leave, we will.

We're RV'ers....our plans are set in jello!

All is right in our world