Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lazy Acres Campground

Neither one of us felt like traveling but on Monday we left Parris Island.  Most of this trip north is being done on I-95 and parts of it aren't in the best shape.  This leg of the trip is our longest to date,roughly 240 miles

We stopped for lunch at a rest area and choked down a peanut butter sandwich.  Back on the road quickly so we could get to Fayetteville North Carolina and rest.  But....we had a tire blowout on the passenger side of the rig. And I might add that we were in the middle of nowhere!  There were a couple of small towns and a prison on the map.  Called road service and they quickly set us up with a new tire and a young man who knew what he was doing and shortly we were back on the road.  Less than two hours total delay.

When we arrived here it was almost 1700.  And all three of us were ready to call it a day!  We did the basic set up, fed Boo and went out to dinner.  A buffet with a lot of southern comfort foods and we probably ate to much but it was good.

Back home we showered and let me tell you I was brain dead and we went to was still daylight outside!  I slept until 0730.  Jim got up during the night, he was restless and when he came back to bed he didn't get up until almost 1100.


We had some running to do....we stopped in Camping World to get a new handle for the front door.  Ours broke and it needed replacing just so we don't fall up or down the steps!  We needed fuel so we stopped in a BP station that had diesel for $2.09 a gallon.  Food Lion for some groceries was the last stop.

Neither one of us have much of an appetite and we're relying on freezer food and soups to sustain us.

Two years ago we stayed here on our trip south, this post has some pictures.  

Today we are just hanging around and resting.  We'll be back on the road tomorrow but for the life of me I don't know where we're going!  Jim has told me but I've forgotten.

I don't like being screws up my brain  :-)

All is getting better in our world