Friday, January 15, 2016

Several inches of Rain

This day is a gift.  And I am grateful.  I'm trying to be more positive about every day happenings.  

When I got up this morning it was gloomy and dark,  the low clouds were full of rain.  Immediately it started to rain.  I had opened the front door and put out the awning.  Then I took my houseplants outside to get some rain water.

We had hot barley cereal for breakfast with an apple tossed in.  The dampness made me chilly so hot food was needed.  About 0830 the rain got heavier and it poured!  Rain in the tropical zones is just something you need to see and become part of.  After living in New Orleans we know about heavy rain.

For our midday meal I fixed some vegetable stew and hot biscuits.  Comfort food for our souls.  We've spent the day just hanging around and watching it rain.  Oh Jim took a nap.  

I took these pictures with my phone through the windows so please excuse the raindrops

It's 1600 and this water has already drained away from the house

This puddle is half it's size now.  That's part of the correctional institution you see in the distance 

This field is supposed to contain excess water and it did a fine job.  As you can see it didn't fill up because you can still see the culvert

When Jim got up it wasn't raining so we took Boo for a walk and checked the mail.  This baseball diamond is a one will be hitting balls here, no pitchers mound!

We've been in a tornado watch most of the day but it looks like we're north of the system now and the skies are clearing.  Usually when it rains we head to Barnes and Nobles...but neither one of us wanted to walk in the rain to the truck!

This morning we had the furnace on, this afternoon the AC is on.  Ever have days like that?

All is right in our world