Friday, January 22, 2016

Letter Writing

Do you write letters?  I have to admit I don't.  Has the art of letter writing gone away?  Some schools don't even teach cursive writing to students.  We live in an age of keyboards and actual writing has fallen to the wayside.

I do send postcards and note cards to my sisters, my friend Anne and our daughter (when we're not living in their backyard), but in spurts, not on a regular basis.  With social media my sisters are aware of where I am and I know where they are and life goes on.  

But we don't know about the daily happenings of our lives.  I don't even know where two of my sisters work!  Or how they go about their daily life.  On occasion I do wonder.  I've lived away from them all of my adult life.  Had I been a better letter writer I might know more about them as adults. They are younger than me and often I think of them as children.  It always surprises me when we visit how grown up they are.

Has texting and social media put an end to letter writing?

We have rain today, even a clap of thunder!  At least the temperature is warmer.  This past week we've dipped into the 40's at night and during the day it hasn't got much warmer than 65.  And the wind!  Sheesh it cut right through us and we had to wear jackets to walk Boo.

Last Saturday was beautiful and we enjoyed the day at the boat show in Stuart.  Then the weather got cold, cloudy and generally yucky.  Yesterday was nice, Jim got some chores done outside wearing shorts and sandals.

All is right in our world