Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ending the Year spending time at the Beach

Can you think of a better way to end the year?  We decided to go to the beach and enjoy a picnic.  When we left we were undecided about which beach and opted to head to Ft Pierce.  

Ft Pierce is located at the northern end of Hutchinson Island and we could pick and choose where we wanted to eat lunch.  We stopped at Popeye's to pick up our lunch and headed to the inlet.  There's a park, South Jetty Park Beach that we've never been able to see because it's always jam packed with cars and people.  Today was no we moved on down the road.  Finally stopping at a beach we've been to before because we found a parking spot.  There is a pavilion with tables and Jim enjoyed his chicken and mashed potatoes while I enjoyed my red beans and rice along with some slaw.

After our delicious lunch we went for a stroll on the beach.  There were quite a few people out enjoying this lovely day.  I'd say the temperature was in the upper 70's, there was a lot of sunshine and a nice breeze.  We took our shoes off and walked in the surf.

As we walked we came across a flock of Black Skimmers that was sheltering a couple confused gulls.  Such pretty birds.  And quite used to people as they didn't budge until we were almost upon them.  Then they took to the sky and flew around and landed in 'their' spot once we walked past.  I found a few shells to add to my collection.

We both enjoy coming the the shore, the sound of the waves, the salt air and sunshine are a balm to our souls.

I'm pretty certain,if we could afford it, we'd live on the water somewhere.  

One of those 'cold' fronts has managed to find it's way down here.  Low 60's when I got up this morning.  We had grey skies all day yesterday with the sun peeking out at the beginning of the day and at sunset.  Looks like it could do the same today.  There was a pretty sunrise but it's all overcast now.

We watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind recently and do you know I don't think I've ever seen the whole movie before. Parts of it were unfamiliar to me.  Or perhaps I wasn't impressed and completely forgot it.  In any case the movie came out in 1977 and we were in Mobile when it was being filmed there.  Jim even had a small part as an extra.  Of course that scene didn't make it into the movie!

Yesterday we watched The Da Vinci Code.  Fascinating movie that makes me want to delve more into the church.  Wouldn't it be fun to explore the history of Jesus more closely?  Christianity?  And the Catholic church?  My mother was Catholic and changed to Lutheran when she married my dad. So I know a bit about the rituals of both religions.

All is right in our world