Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rain and Movies

Jim and I both worked Friday!  He cleaned the cottages while I stayed home and stripped the bed and did laundry. 

The day started out overcast and stayed that way most of the day.  But no rain...  I'm not sure if the rainfall we've had this summer is normal or not but we've had some rainy days.  Long ago when I was stationed in Jacksonville I remember it raining daily around the time  got off from work.

I fixed a simple meal of couscous for our dinner.  You know, one of those boxed preparations.  I added peas and mushrooms and baked some corn muffins.

I'm hooking, not what you're thinking... I'm playing with yarn and my crochet hooks!  Just using up yarn but it feels good being crafty again.  I did buy a kit but you'll have to wait to see what it is...

Saturday when I woke up I could hear the boats on the St John's river....and a gentle sprinkle of rain on the roof.  After I got up I started hearing the distant roll of thunder and it started getting darker.  By 0800 we had rain.  According to the forecast we have a 40% chance of rain for the next three days.

After breakfast and morning chores we changed into city duds and drove into Palatka.  Jim needed something or other at Walmart and I wanted to drop off a bag of goodies at Goodwill.  It being Saturday we didn't linger long inside Walmart.  I did find some groceries to buy!

Then it was time for an early lunch at Chili's where we enjoyed their $35 special.  Did you know if you sign up for emails they send you coupons?  Well, we had one for $5 off.  For $33 we had an appetizer of chips, salsa and guacamole, Jim had the baby back ribs and I ordered chicken fajitas.  And we got a dessert of peanut butter molten cake.  Oh and two Presidente margaritas.... we were stuffed and a wee bit happy when we left!

One more stop at a farmers market for tomatoes and then home.  Once home I put everything away, Jim took out the trash and then we both snoozed for a bit.  Jim took the bed for a nap and I checked my eyelids for leaks with Boo on the lounger.

The day has been mostly overcast with splashes of sunshine breaking through.  But no more rain after this morning.  Around 1700 I heard the thunder and thought for sure we'd have rain...and shortly after 1800 the gentle rain started.

We watched an interesting movie, 1911 with Jackie Chan..about the founding of the Republic of China and Sun Yat-sen.  If you don't like reading sub titles, then skip it.

The rain continued off and on all evening.  Nothing heavy.  We watched another movie, Erased.  I fixed blt's for our dinner

Thus ends our Saturday.  How is your weekend going?

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  1. Sherri and I did laundry and then watched movies. We had some rain but nothing serious. We have plans for some road trips but we have to go across Slumgullian Pass and Sherri having Vertigo is not real sure she can make it? The Black Cannon of the Gunison is on the list of things to see. Maybe our paths will cross again...

    Somewhere in Time


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