Friday, August 2, 2013

Daily Grind

We don't really have a daily grind...we can pick and choose what to do on a daily basis.  Of course there are daily chores that need to be done to make life livable.  But everyone has chores!

I needed to go into Palatka and stop by the VA to pick up a form for travel expenses.  My eye appointment is the 6th and I have half a dozen papers to fill out!  So, since we had to go to the 'big city' we planned on several stops.

After waiting 10 minutes or so at the VA we headed to my least favorite store, Walmart. Jim needed car cleaning supplies and we picked up a few groceries (after all they are cheaper there).

Then we crossed the parking lot and had lunch at Chili's.  We had some money on a card and it was burning a hole in my wallet!  LOL We had a great lunch!  Jim had chicken quesadilla and I had shrimp tacos.  He enjoyed a margarita while I tried the Watermelon cooler (pretty tasty).

One more stop before heading home was Publix.  It's the only local store where I can get Earth Balance spread, our 'butter'.  We also tapped the ATM for some cash.

Once home I think Jim napped (he usually does this daily).  Since it rained I made some bean soup for dinner served with the yummy bread we just bought.

Jim bought the shocks for the truck a couple weeks ago and today was the day to have them installed.  He had a 'date' for 0930 and was only gone a short time. And it only cost $40 for 1 1/2 hours labor to install them!  You gotta love small towns! He was home in time for lunch which for him was leftover seafood from Corky Bells

We planned to cook out for dinner but a thunderstorm with pouring rain cancelled that!  It seems to happen a we had soup again for dinner.  For me it was tasty but I'm sure Jim was looking forward to his steak.

Because of the storm we had trouble with Netflix.  Direct TV was fine and we watched a bit of the nightly news and Jeopardy...can't remember the last time we did that. And I also can't remember if this was Wednesday or Thursday night!  The memory is the first thing to go.....

Today is our 39th anniversary....most didn't think we'd stay together!  But here we are, an old married couple just enjoying our lives. 

Jim is working today and I should be....still have my morning chores to do and I need to get dressed.  So if you'll excuse me I'll stop typing and get busy....or would that be, busier?