Thursday, April 4, 2013


Monday we headed to Lowe's to order the Wash machine. Pretty simple process, we told them what we wanted and they ordered it, then we paid for it....really nice getting the 10% discount they offer for Military.

After that chore we headed to Chili's for lunch.  We both had soup and half a sandwich with fries washed down with a draft beer.  All to soon lunch was over and we headed into Walmart for tomato cages, vitamins, bird seed and solar lights.

The afternoon warmed up to the middle 80's and we both were ready for naps when we got home!  I didn't nap but you can guess who did  :-)  We had our afternoon coffee outside and then we did yard work.  Jim filled the feeders and I watered plants.  I couldn't stay out any longer because of the no-see-ums.  I need to find something that will keep them from biting me that doesn't involve chemicals!

Hard to see because I took this through the window but there is a hummingbird on the left hand side of this picture...can you see him?

On Tuesday Jim spent a lot of time outdoors fixing this, doing that and washing the truck!  first time this year!!!

Wednesday we hung around the house all day waiting for a repairman to pick up the Microwave...if you recall he'd been out and 'fixed' it once...but it didn't take.  We knew it might not.  So a part was ordered and now the oven is in the shop, hopefully being repaired.

Off to the grocery store for a couple items because we expected some rain.  Once home we had some coffee and indeed we had some rain.  For most of the evening it was a steady rainfall and I know all my plants loved it.  We never heard any thunder and right as we snuggled in for the night it started raining harder.  I love the sound of rain on the roof and soon I was asleep

Today we're supposed to get more rain and the pot luck dinner has been postponed until tomorrow.  So far it's just been overcast.  Jim is working and I'm holding down the fort!
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