Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sonsearae and Chris weekend visit

With much anticipation we awaited the arrival of Sonsearae and Chris on Saturday.  She had to work and then I don't know what they had to do but they finally got on the road and headed south.  The weather wasn't all that great but the rain held off and they arrived around dinner time.  We had the cabin all warm and cozy and the food was ready to cook.  I think Chris was a wee bit upset that he couldn't eat right away!  There was hummus and pita chips to tide us over

I got busy getting our dinner fixed while the guys laid a fire in the fireplace.  Did I mention it was chilly?  Soon we sat down to have Enchilada bake and a southwest chopped salad (thanks Happy Herbivore!).  All very vegan and plant based so it was healthy for us!

We ended meal with a cherry pie.....not so healthy but oh so tasty...very sweet!

Jim and I left shortly after dessert so they could settle in, relax and get a good nights sleep.  Big plans for Sunday!

Jim was very excited about our boat trip.  He was up and out the door to pick the boat up down the street and bring it to the dock here at Welaka Lodge.  Not sure, but I think we hurried our guests into getting ready for the boat trip down river to Corky Bell's.  Chris forgot his jacket!  the morning was cold and overcast and on the water it was even chillier 

this picture was taken later in the day on our way home

We stopped by the springs to show them the manatees but none could be found.  We did find this cute little house, I think I could live here.

Along the way we all looked for wildlife and we did see a lot of Osprey's nesting on the channel markers and getting agitated as we came to close

Not sure what this school house looking building is....maybe a boat house?

I was very pleased to find a Great Bald Eagle.  I'm pretty sure we saw them flying around over the Ocala Forest.  This big fella just posed for the longest time then flew in a circle around us as we passed below him

Our Captain was a happy one!

We finally pulled up to Corky Bell's dock and tied up.  We had made the decision to eat inside because it was so   chilly outside and we were chilled.  But once we got inside, where it was colder we decided to sit outside.

There was a manatee munching her lunch

Everyone enjoyed lunch and Chris got some hot chocolate to fortify himself for the trip upriver and home.  We made a brief pit stop and picked up a jacket for Chris.  Another couple of hours floating through the National Forest where we saw more birds, boaters and fishermen.

Sunday evening Sonsearae and I made pico de gallo, guacamole and cooked up some turkey for the guys tacos.  I had some black beans that she and I used for our tacos.  Another fine meal that saw us eating more cherry pie for dessert.  After we cleaned up the dishes Jim and I headed home...

It was a long day on the water and I know we were tired!  We slept very well, thank you very much.

All to soon on Monday Sonsearae and Chris left, heading for Orlando.  Despite the gloomy, cloudy weather the rain held off during the boat ride and I think we all enjoyed it.  Jim had to work that morning and after they left I started doing laundry

Tuesday Boo got a much needed grooming and he looks ever so much better.  If he co-operates I'll get a picture of him and post it.  Usually when I get a camera out he walks towards me...

Tuesday night we had a going away party for Linda and Dan.  They hosted it next door on their patio.  It was fun getting together with the crew.  I came home in time to shower before NCIS came on.  Jim walked in just after it started.  Looks like the next few weeks will be interesting on this show.  I know it's being picked up for another season.....but I wonder what will happen with all the characters?

Today I got a much needed haircut.  I'm not sure why I put it off so long.  On the way home we stopped for a bite to eat at Corky Bell's! We both enjoy this restaurant and highly recommend it if you're in the area

There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.  ~Alfred Wainwright
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