Thursday, April 18, 2013

Appliances and Repairs

I'm a happy camper!  Last Friday, late we got the microwave back and installed.  We were pleased that it didn't cost as much as we thought it would to repair it.  Century Appliance Service in Palatka did the work.

This past week has been a blur, instead of our Thursday pot luck a group of us went out to Corky Bell's for some seafood and Jamaican Reggae...Fun sitting on the dock listening to so-so Reggae music.  They had a saxophone....?  not sure about that...

The weekend was rainy and on Jim's days off he raked and trimmed our yard, even decided to have a smudge pot by burning some leaves....cough cough  :-)

Tuesday my, oops our wash machine arrived early afternoon and Jim did an excellent job of installing it.  I think I've been doing laundry ever since!

Also Tuesday evening we had an anniversary party for Billy and Jim down on the dock.  Kevin fried fish and Conch fritters while the rest of us brought side dishes.  It was fun, so much so that my Jim imbibed a wee bit to much and had to take most of yesterday to recover!  Me? I'm taking an antibiotic so I couldn't drink....LOL

And there you have it.  Life sitting still can be boring.

Sonsearae and Chris are coming this weekend and we plan on eating and boating while they're here, can't wait!

May you have warm words on a cool evening, a full moon on a dark night, and a smooth road all the way to your door.  ~Irish Toast