Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter Solstice

Boy did winter come storming in!  Thursday evening as we sat at the Tiki Bar we all kept an eye on our phones, watching a storm approach.  Will we get rain?  Cindy says no, it never rains here in Cedar Key, it always moves around us...oh no!  What's this?  There's some drops of water on the windows.....and the wind is picking up...

Jim and I left before the worst of the storm hit and the wind and rain continued through the night.  I don't think we got that much rain, but the wind!  It made the temperature drop and continued to blow with gusts up to 35 mph and coming across the water made for a chilly day Friday.  The Sun was out and except for the howling wind it was a beautiful day.  Jim took Boo out for a walk, bless his heart and I stayed in, keeping warm.  

We got a knock on the door and a lovely young lady delivered some yummy treats from Cindy and Pat, though I'm sure Pat didn't help in the making of them.  I had heard Cindy spent three days making cookies and candies for gift baskets...and we were lucky enough to get some.  Alas, half of them are gone and I've eaten enough sugar for the month!  Not sure the goodies will last much longer...

Speaking of Friday, December 21st...the Winter Solstice and according to the Mayans, THE END OF THE WORLD....well that obviously didn't happen!  But we had a good time celebrating with friends at the Tiki Bar.  I made some marinated mushrooms and most everyone brought something to eat.  There were ribs, pulled pork, buns, slaw, orzo salad, bacon wrapped goodies, stone crab claws, dessert platter, etc, etc, etc...I think everyone ate their fill!  Of course having a party at the bar means the alcohol and beer were flowing....We went over around 1700 and came home a couple hours later.  Once the sun went down that wind just froze us half to death!

Sometime during the night the wind let up.  As I type this it's 41 degrees outside with a wind chill of 36 and the winds are out of the north gusting to 25 mph.....yep, winter is here!  But from now on the days get longer!