Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Last week was a whirlwind of activities for us.   Visiting with Sonsearae and Chris in Tallahassee is always fun.  We swapped meals and ate out.  Of course they had to work too so I'm sure they were exhausted by the end of the day.

Jim and I also spent what seems like days of shopping.  We'd been at a COE and needed a big city to restock and buy ahead for our stay in Cedar Key.  I even managed to lose weight despite all the good food we ate. 

I turned 65 on the 8th and Jim and I were treated to dinner at Harry's, a New Orleans style restaurant.  Boy was my dinner good!  I had crab cakes and they were very tasty.  Everyone cleaned up their plates and three of us got dessert...Key Lime pie for me and the slice was huge!  I could only eat part of it...no matter, it tasted just as good yesterday when I finished it off.

Monday we left Tallahassee and headed for Cedar Key.   A short drive on I-10, then a right on highway 19 and we were passing some pretty country side.   The farther south we got, the darker it got and we ran into the first raindrops in Chiefland.

I was hoping we'd arrive before the rain but that wasn't to be.  Jim had to set up between rain showers.  I popped over to the office to say hello to Cindy and Pat and soon after the rains came down in earnest.

I did manage to get one shot of my favorite boat...

This morning I awoke to overcast skies, the sun did try to come out but it failed and before long the fog started rolling in. The tide was out and I enjoyed watching the birds catching their breakfast. It's still foggy as I type this.  All we need is a fog horn sounding off in the distance.

Jim has been busy cleaning compartments and the truck bed.  The pass through compartment was untidy so he took care of that.  The truck bed isn't water tight with the cover so he's removed and dried what he could.  I've done laundry and dishes...

We'll be here until the 27th, I only wish it could be longer.  We both love it here and the people we've met have become friends
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