Friday, December 14, 2012

Cold and Chilly here in Cedar Key

Well, we've been doing a whole lot of nothing!  Our weather has continued to be cold and damp.   So we mostly stay indoors venturing out only to do necessary head to the Tiki Bar!  Actually we've only been a couple times and seeing old friends and meeting new ones is fun.  They've installed a wood burning stove to help keep it warm but the small bar is hardly sealed.  Pat has filled in all the window gaps with bottles and it's a great place to sit and just take it all in.

 Yesterday we went to the Pickled Pelican,, for lunch.  Jim had a shrimp po-boy and I had a veggie burger.  Both plates came with home made chips and a pickle.  Of course we washed it down with a cold brew...

The pictures below show how foggy Wednesday was.  I thought everything looked cool


Pat has been busy with the bottles and 'little men'!  This is the water side of the Tiki Bar

Not sure if all these action figures are trying to get in or waiting for the tide to come in so they can swim out to sea

This bottle wall is part of the fence that gives Cindy and Pat privacy from the motel grounds.  They do recycle in Cedar Key but a lot of empties are finding a home here at Low Key Hideaway!

New at site 5 is this deck, we've actually sat out there once or twice!

Across the way is this beautiful green house that overlooks the water.  Shrouded with fog it looks better in black and white.

Yesterday after our lunch we drove into Chiefland to get some groceries at Walmart.  We finally broke down and bought a carpet cleaner....yuck!  I look forward to the day we can rip out this carpeting!

My heart is sad tonight....the senseless shooting in Connecticut of the children and adults just breaks my heart....

I keep thinking about all those gifts left unopened this holiday.
 Or all those trips not being taken. 
All those parent's, grandparents, family members, not having a 'Happy Holiday'. 
I think I need to burn a candle on Christmas for everyone that lost their life today, that way I won't feel so..... I don't know the word for it but I don't want to be so 'happy' when they are so torn apart. It's not fair. My heart aches for everyone there....
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