Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sometimes I wonder

why I have folks who read this blog. When we don't travel I don't write about anything.

I am basically a boring person! :^)

Our day to day lives are filled with the same chores that everyone else has. I do dishes, laundry, cleaning. And meal preparations......I do like to cook and I spend time reading cookbooks and collecting recipes. I buy cook books and trade them with friends and relatives. Books aren't a good thing to have a lot of when driving around towing your house.

I have two cookbooks on my Nook (which I can access from my iPad) but it's not the same as holding the book or setting it on the counter when you're cooking. I used to have a program on my other laptop for storing recipes but I lost all the recipes. The program is to old for this laptop so I guess I'll have to get another one....

Meanwhile I'm printing some recipes and handwriting others that I want to try. Fact is we eat to much now! My recipes have to be on a list and I keep them with my iPad because it has a shopping list for groceries.

We will be leaving Tampa after Labor Day.