Wednesday, August 3, 2011

37 years together!

Yesterday Jim and I celebrated our 37th anniversary! We played tourist and drove over to St Petersburg. After parking the truck we walked out to The Pier

It's five levels of shops, eateries, an aquarium and event center.

We strolled some shops and went outside to see the view
This pelican ignored me while I waited for the perfect picture.

We had lunch at Coconuts on the top level. We sat outside overlooking water, an airport and the marina
We both checked our mail while waiting for our meal to arrive
Jim had coconut shrimp with fries and cole slaw
I had grilled fish, black beans over yellow rice and fried plantains
We did see three or four airplanes land and takeoff
Walking back to the parking lot I thought the buildings looked pretty against the white clouds

After leaving the Pier we headed for the coast and drove north on Beach Blvd. Unfortunately we didn't see much of the beach due to all the high rises. We stopped at a coffee shop and had iced black forest coffee, very tasty but boy was it sweet! We both suffered with sugar headaches for awhile.

Once we reached Clearwater we crossed back over to the mainland and headed home.

It was a fun afternoon and we always enjoy being together.

We just chilled the rest of the evening watching tv and using our computers. For some reason during the day the internet can be tricky. We think the Air Force is stealing our signal! :)

One drawback to camping on a military installation is Reveille which around here happens at about 0630! I'm not sure why we have to hear it down here at the tip of the base near the marina....

After checking the surrounding area for other campgrounds we've decided to hang in there and stay here. It's cheaper than the ones we checked into and we do want to see more of the area