Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mundane chores

That's what we did yesterday. Our first stop was the laundry, they have commercial size washer and dryers so we popped the mattress pad in the washer. Then we headed to the office so we could register and pay. Filled out all the paperwork except the one for our guns, had to bring it home for the numbers. Who knows what the numbers are on their guns?

Then it was off to the Visitor Center to register our ID cards. I guess it's a new rule for military bases. They take your fingerprints and viola you're in the system. From there we went to the shopping center on base. First stop was the exchange and while walking in I noticed the hair salon had an opening at noon and it was almost noon! So I finally got my hair cut. I look and feel ever so much better!

We then headed to the food court and had lunch at the Manchu Wok. It was pretty good, we both had fried rice. Jim had orange chicken and I had mixed veggies. We then drove down to the other end and shopped the commissary. Normally I love to shop for groceries but everyone was there! The military get paid on the 15th and 30th. Retirees get paid on the first....

Back home I put the groceries away while Jim went to the laundry to put the mattress cover in the dryer and take the paperwork on the guns back to the office. All total it cost $2.50 to clean it! A lot better than the 40 bucks at the dry cleaners. I think I'll do the quilt and the duvet.

I continued doing the sheets and spent the afternoon just waiting on the dryer. Dinner was leftovers. Jim had the last of his Island Pizzeria Pizza from Cedar Key and I had a salad.