Tuesday, August 9, 2011

catching up

We're enjoying our time on MacDill Air Force Base. They play tunes all day long! Starting around 0630 we have reveille, at noon a whistle of some sort blows, at 1630 they end their day with the Star Spangled Banner and at 2200 we hear Taps. Depending on the weather we hear a dis-embodied voice telling us severe weather is upon us. We're close to the shooting range and we've heard them practicing. Boo doesn't like it!

The other day we went to Camping World at Lazy Days in Seffner. I saw this flag and just had to take a picture!

We had to replace the dryer vent cover and I must say it sure cost a lot for such a little piece of plastic. Speaking of the dryer, we often clean the vent so the dryer will work better and to prevent fires. Jim used the air compressor to clean it and boy did it work well! It broke up the lint and along with the vacuum cleaner and turning on the dryer, the lint just flew out!

We've had rain almost daily, but it's the rainy season in Florida and we expected it. Yesterday we spent some time at Barnes & Nobles. It's a dangerous place for me because I always find something to buy!

A few days ago we spent some time at Whole Foods Market! It's my favorite grocery store. The store here is not as large as some I've been too. But I still managed to find some goodies, as did Jim. He likes the snacks in the bins.