Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sunrise to Sunset

How about some pictures? I managed to take a lot of pictures today and I've only included a few here. I slept well last night. First time in a long while.

As I was making coffee and opening the blinds noticed the sun coming up and got this shot. It really is a magical moment to watch the sun rise. The colors are spectacular!

After breakfast Anne and I went biking looking for anything to take a picture of.
This Palm is in the pool area

Our flowers are beautiful

As are the butterflies

Tonight we shared a shrimp boil with Anne and Scotty. It was our first meal together since we arrived in the valley. I know it won't be the last! After dinner and dishes Anne and I went for another ride ending the day

There's a pasture on one side of the resort

Sunset was as beautiful as the sunrise......I'll be posting all the pictures on Facebook if you want to see all of them