Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bentsen Palm RV Resort Mission, Texas

We arrived in Mission on Thursday around 1300 and it was hot! The thermometer said 90 and on a concrete pad that heat just melts you. Our drive from Corpus Christi was without incident and one of the things I noticed about the drive was how green everything is. On one stretch of highway I saw 8-10 Cara Cara's! These stately birds are beautiful and to see so many was indeed a treat for me.

Jim worked all afternoon setting up and getting things tidy outside. I stayed inside and enjoyed the air conditioning. Pat and Vern arrived on Wednesday and invited us out for pizza so we headed to Pizza Hut and had fun catching up with them.

I have this pretty pink rose in my garden area.

Yesterday I was up at 0700 and watched the sun come up. It will be interesting to see the progression of the suns path through the 6 months we'll be here.
Yesterday was bed day so I stripped the sheets off and got them in the washer. Jim headed outside to start getting the salt spray off the rig and wash the windows. I made a run to HEB and was back in time for lunch.
Anne and Scotty were on their way and we ladies were texting one another on our progress to the valley. Anne didn't know I was already here! She knew we'd arrived first because we were closer. They arrived around 1600 and in no time at all they were set up.
Pat had fixed sloppy joes and salad and we were invited along with the Scott's and Jeni and Don the managers here at Bentsen Palm Resort. We had a wonderful time catching up and we got home just after 2000.
We relaxed until 2200 and then hit the sack. I for one slept well.
One disappointing thing, the Bentsen Rio Grande State Park is not open. The flooding earlier this year has taken a toll and I haven't heard when it will re-open.