Sunday, October 3, 2010

cleaning and setting up

Another day, another beautiful sunrise. Yesterday we did our morning chores and then dressed to head into town taking Anne and Scotty with us.

We stopped by Camping World to inquire about replacing our awnings. Right now they have a special going on. No labor charges. Jim bought a couple items and Anne got a new patio mat. Then it was on to Harbor Freight because they're having a sidewalk sale. The Scotts picked up some items but we didn't.

Since it was lunchtime we stopped at Chili's on the way home, they have 2/$20 going on. Jim had ribs and I had a salad.

Once home Jim headed outside to do more chores. He removed the bike rack and hitch and he set up the patio with the mat. Looks better with the patio mat!

We had leftovers for dinner. Afterwords I headed out for a walk with Anne but we didn't get far! Pat and Vern were walking their dogs and stopped for a chat, then Don stopped by and we all just stood outside watching the sun go down and the swallows pass by over head.

After the sun went down Anne and I saw fireflies. Of course the mosquitoes chased us in but not before we heard the coyotes! From the sounds we heard it's a bigger pack than last year.