Friday, October 15, 2010

New Awnings!

We were up early and sitting at Camping World at 0800 this morning. We had gotten the rig ready for travel yesterday and all we had left to do this morning didn't take but 30 minutes and we were on the road. Fortified with a cup of coffee I was ready! Driving into the rising sun we were eager to get our awnings replaced.

The patio awning and motor were replaced. We opted to have two window awnings for the two windows because we never used the back awning. They look great and Jim says they're easy to use.

Now we can get our patio set up for our stay here.
Boo had an eleven o'clock grooming appointment and since the awning installation was taking longer than expected I asked Anne to pick us up and drive us to Dapper Dog. In the middle of laundry she dropped everything and came to the rescue! After we dropped him off we went shopping stopping at Dollar Tree and HEB.
This VW was parked next to Anne's car when we came out of HEB. Mexican plates and in mint condition! It looked brand new to me.
Jim was back at the Resort by this time and managed to set up without me.....I only had a couple things to do inside and we're settled in for the winter. As soon as he can I'm sure Jim will have the patio space enclosed and we'll have the extra living space outside.

this egret was stalking the fence line. It was fun watching him walk back and forth eating bugs.

I'm sure this little wren is the one that sleeps next door. But he was giving us a once over.